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19 Jul 2010

Real Character, Real Work

Estimated Reading Time: 4 minutes

Guest Post by Narciso Tovar

I was born in October 1971.

Image: marilyn d., Creative Commons

Some of you may think, “WHOA!  This dude is ancient!”  While some others of you may think, “He’s older than I thought.”

Although I’m sure most of you don’t even care.

I bring it up because I’ve been feeling like an old-timer these days when I see idiocy […]

13 Jul 2010

How The UK’s NHS Broke Into Social Media

Estimated Reading Time: 11 minutes

Guest post by Bryce Keane

Reaching out… touching me… touching you…

Over the past month, much like the many months before it, I have been listening to and absorbing a wide variety of stories on social media and how various brands are using it – for better or worse – to reach out to new audiences.

I happened to be browsing one of the UK’s preeminent social media news outlets (and a personal favorite of mine for breaking stories in the world of social media […]