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09 Mar 2016

What to Do if Your Instagram Account is Hacked

Estimated Reading Time: 15 minutes

InstagramGuest Post by Emma Hawes

The warning 

It was a day I was busy with a paper and work assignments: February 4. I was obsessively checking my email inbox, and saw one from Instagram saying my password had changed. I decided to take the warning seriously, but not totally obsess over it. So I emailed them back, stating it must be a glitch, that I hadn’t changed the password, and filled out the form.

The next day (Feb. 5), I received another email from Instagram saying to send a mugshot style photo with some numbers included […]

16 Sep 2015

State of Crisis Communications and Social Media from a Professor’s Perspective

Estimated Reading Time: 6 minutes

Social media plays a big role in crisis communications; but could also be a disaster. Karen Freberg explains how to avoid negative events going viral. Continue reading