11 Aug 2010

The Marketing that Took “Jersey Shore” From Zero To Hero

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Guest post by Dea Surjadi

First of all, I don’t watch Jersey Shore and I’m not suggesting that you should.

I like Top Chef, Mad Men, and that’s it.

The second season of Jersey Shore premiered a couple of weeks ago. The show apparently isn’t all about six packs, orange skins, and drama.

Nielsen ratings confirm about 5.3 million viewers tuned in that Thursday night. Apparently it’s the best season premiere since the season 2 launch of The Osbournes in 2002.

It’s also about what could […]

18 Jul 2010

From Old Spice’s Nose To Dilbert’s Ears

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Was Old Spice Guy responsible for today’s Dilbert strip?

More than enough has been written about the campaign; I don’t have to chime in. But you might enjoy reading a few posts that I thought provided a slightly different take on the campaign: