Gone are the days when “social media” was the domain of your twenty-something employees. Today, social platforms are where your customers and constituents of all ages and stages literally live online. If you’re a business leader, you should take this workshop to:

  • Learn the three core principles of effective social media engagement
  • Examine key social media platforms, and understand how they work on both personal and professional levels
  • Review how businesses of all sizes have effectively used social media to support and reach business goals
  • Experience the benefits of real-time social engagement through workshop exercises and hands-on participation
  • Understand the kinds of metrics your social media team should and shouldn’t use when reporting back to you
Shonali Burke
Founder and publisher of Waxing UnLyrical, Shonali Burke helps purpose-driven brands bring big ideas to life. She teaches at The Johns Hopkins University, has gone back to school herself with the Harvard Business Analytics Program, and is creator/lead instructor at The Social PR Virtuoso® online training hub , where ambitious PR pros learn how to unleash their inner Social PR superheroes. Owned by Lola the Basset Hound, she's mad about ABBA, bacon, cooking, dogs, and Elvis, though not necessarily in that order. Wouldn't you like to be in her kitchen?
Shonali Burke
Shonali Burke

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