14 Sep 2010

The Problem With PR

Estimated Reading Time: 6 minutes

You know what the problem with PR is?

Most PR pros (and firms).

We in the PR industry have done a poor job of defining and promoting what we do.

The term “PR” has become synonymous with “press releases” (easy enough to understand why), “buzz,” “publicity,” and “spin.”


Image: marcelinoportfolio‘s Flickr stream, CC 2.0

What good PR actually entails is a lot more.


15 May 2009

The Ragan Experience

Estimated Reading Time: 4 minutes

Last week I had the pleasure of presenting, for the first time ever, at Ragan Communications’ 2009 Corporate Communicators Conference in Chicago. As someone who’s wistfully devoured the CCC brochures every year, this was a big thrill for me.

My session on strategic communications planning took place a week ago today; unfortunately I wasn’t able to stay over and attend the “unconference,” so missed meeting many of the wonderful and smart people I’ve gotten to know on Twitter. I did get to meet Amy Mengel (whose […]

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