09 Oct 2009

Carry On Kofta

Estimated Reading Time: 3 minutes

I “borrowed” the title for this recipe post from Shashi Bellamkonda‘s Carry On Curry, because I knew he wouldn’t mind (you don’t, right, Shashi?). If you haven’t read CoC, you should check it out, it’s great fun and extremely valuable for foodies in the DC metro area.

Koftas are basically the Indian version of meatballs. Just like the feringhis, we rarely eat them without some kind of gravy (or curry, which means many more things to us than a spice or herb). But we’ll often […]

11 Sep 2009

Totally Fake Bengali Fish Curry

Estimated Reading Time: 3 minutes

I had some cod that was getting a little too comfortable in the freezer, so decided to see what I could do with it. When you’re a “Bong” (that’s how Bengalis are referred to in India), fish isn’t just what you grow up eating, it’s an intrinsic part of your life.

We Bongs also like to think that a fishy diet makes us smarter than a lot of other people, but will probably never say so ourselves. Hey, we’re “bhadralok.”

Now that I’ve removed my tongue from my […]

23 Jan 2009

Is Your PR Better Than Broccoli?

Estimated Reading Time: 2 minutes

Ode to Brassica

PR lessons can come from the strangest places. Now, I’m not going to create a laundry list, but as I was cooking dinner last night, the broccoli florets that I was steaming looked me square in the face and said: “Is your PR as good as we are?”

At first glance, broccoli’s a pretty unprepossessing vegetable. Its scientific name, brassica oleracea, is enough to give one hiccups. It’s not elegant or neat, like asparagus. And its color, while not unpleasing, doesn’t exactly shout out […]

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