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27 Apr 2010

HAPPO: The Freshman Edition

Estimated Reading Time: 7 minutes

A couple of months ago, I was part of the HAPPO kickoff team. If you’re new to the concept, HAPPO (Help A PR Pro Out) is “designed to help connect PR job seekers with employers looking for top talent.”

It started as a day, but now it’s much more than that; a hashtag, blog, chat… in short, it aims to be your one-stop shop if you’re a PR pro looking for a job, and an ever-growing community that tries to help you do that.

Image: Marco Vossen, Creative […]

06 Apr 2010

Where’s The Box? Lessons Learned on The Job Search Trail

Estimated Reading Time: 5 minutes

I first came across Mitch Derman when I participated in HAPPO (how great was that?). He took me up on my offer to showcase job seekers on my blog but, as luck would have it, was imprisoned by my spam filter that day.

To make up for it, I asked Mitch if he’d like to guest post on WUL, which is what led to a precursor to this post. I got delayed in publishing it, so what a grand surprise it was when Mitch asked if […]

19 Feb 2010

Help These PR Pros Find A Job

Estimated Reading Time: 9 minutes

Update: please scroll down to see several more HAPPOers – the afternoon edition of this post. Again – these are all wonderful people who have unique skills and personalities – so if, while you’re reading their bios and posts, you can think of a connection that will help them – do make it. It’s social karma. Thank you!

I wrote earlier about why I’m participating in #HAPPO, so I won’t bore you with those details again (but if you need a refresher, the post is here).

Since today’s the […]

09 Feb 2010

Help A PR Pro Out: The Michael Clendenin Edition

Estimated Reading Time: 2 minutes

I know I’ve been talking (or having other folks talk) about job hunting, do’s and don’ts, etc., quite a bit lately. Honestly, I can’t help it; given this blog is all about “personal” musings on our business and our lives, it really is a reflection of what’s going on with, in, and around me.

Even though I’m not looking for a job myself, I’ve been helped countless times by both friends and strangers (who then become friends… what a wonderful world!) when I have been in the market – and […]

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