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18 Jul 2010

From Old Spice’s Nose To Dilbert’s Ears

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Was Old Spice Guy responsible for today’s Dilbert strip?

More than enough has been written about the campaign; I don’t have to chime in. But you might enjoy reading a few posts that I thought provided a slightly different take on the campaign:


10 Mar 2010

3 Questions to Ask – and Answer – When Launching a Twitter Chat

Estimated Reading Time: 9 minutes

As founder of the #measurePR Twitter chat, I was invited to, and participated in, #chatmixer last night (party image, David Domingo, Creative Commons).

The idea was to bring together folks who routinely participate in specific chats, in an online/Twitter “mixer,” in an effort to widen their Twitter circles (would that be Twircles?) – hence the choice of #chatmixer as a hashtag. Truth be told, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, though Justin Goldsborough, Heather Whaling and Valerie Simon […]