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08 Sep 2010

Seven Steps To A Better Twitter Daily

Estimated Reading Time: 8 minutes

I first heard about via Gautam Ghosh on Facebook a few weeks (or was it a month?) ago.

It looked cool, but I didn’t really start playing with it until last week, and when I Amplify’d Neville Hobson’s excellent assessment of it.

If you’re not already using it, I think you should check it out. IMHO.

What is

Much has already been written about what is, so I won’t bore you with too many details.


29 Sep 2009

DC, #GrowSmartBiz Is Here

Estimated Reading Time: 17 minutes

Update: This is a recap of my live-tweeting from the GrowSmartBusiness conference held today in DC. I did try to give everyone a heads up that I would be doing this, but if you didn’t get that (because I know you have better things to do than hang on every word I say), I apologize in advance for clogging your Twitterstream.

As far as the conference goes: in one word – WOW, what a day. But more on that later. I used the Twitter LiveBlog plugin for WordPress to […]

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