30 Sep 2010

Extra Boost of “V”: More Vloggers for your YouTube Cravings

Estimated Reading Time: 4 minutes

Guest Post by Herwin Icasiano

I didn’t receive any YouTube vlogger recommendations from you all, but that probably means you want to hear more about vloggers that I like!

Image: Jixar‘s Flickrstream, CC 2.0

So here are six more YouTubers that I follow now and again:

Natalie (communitychannel)


23 Sep 2010

High on “V”: Vloggers as Influencers

Estimated Reading Time: 9 minutes

Guest Post by Herwin Icasiano

V is for Vlogger

We surf YouTube and upload videos for multiple, even random, purposes; it’s become a video sharing site open to all communities and interests.

Image: striatic‘s Flickrstream, CC 2.0

I use it to watch adorable animals… among other things.

What I’m really interested in on YouTube, though, are vloggers – people who post videos about their thoughts, goings-on, or specific interests.

Here are three I follow closely:


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