Photo: Cade Martin Photography

Photo: Cade Martin Photography

To begin with, when you engage SBC, you get me. If your scope of work needs it (and, yes, your budget allows it), you get “we,” i.e. my fabulous partner network as well as me.

So, who exactly am I? Well, I am a growth strategist who helps purpose-driven brands bring big ideas to life through Social PR.  Among other career highlights, I:

I come from a long line of educators, and am deeply privileged to be on the faculty of The Johns Hopkins University (where I was voted 2016 “Instructor of the Year” for the MA/Communications program).

In 2015, I created and launched my own advanced online training in Social PR for PR pros, The Social PR Virtuoso® Master Course (my Ultimate Guide to Social PR Strategy is a good place for you to start learning my approach).

I give back to my profession and community as much as I can; by volunteering (IABC/DC Metro chapter president from 2009 to 2010, ColorComm’s founding board of advisors, and on the founding Advisory Council for Women in PR USA), mentoring, and providing pro bono services.

On the personal side, I:

  • Am a great cook (and humble about it 🙂 ), which is helpful as I tend to follow a primal/paleo eating pattern;
  • Adore animals (the late Suzy Q. was my heart dog);
  • Am a neat freak; and
  • Could dance all night, especially if it’s East Coast Swing or the classical Indian dance form, Kathak.

Enough about me. How can I help you?