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15 Oct 2023

I’m Back On Facebook (Maybe). Now What?

Estimated Reading Time: 6 minutes

As of 12:30-ish pm ET this afternoon, I got back on Facebook… albeit with my account “restricted.”

screenshot of Shonali Burke's Facebook profile restricted

Even if it gets “unrestricted,” I’m not sure I will stay on, long-term.


Let’s rewind.

My Facebook profile was hacked early August.

I was able to get it back, then I was briefly put in Facebook Jail due to “suspicious activity” that was me wishing people “happy birthday” on FB (because I’m nice like that).

I was able to prove that the HBD wishes were actually coming from me… via FB’s “ID verification” process that […]

24 Sep 2021

Curious About the Harvard Business Analytics Program? Your Questions, Answered.

Estimated Reading Time: 12 minutes

Curious about the Harvard Business Analytics Program? This Q&A from Shonali Burke, a 2021 graduate, should help.

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