• Loves research (bring on the audits), math, spreadsheets, and real results; 
  • Believes that “PR” is much more than press relations, but a holistic approach to building and maintaining relationships with the audiences that matter to you; and
  • Creates and implements (if you need it) your integrated Social PR-fueled growth strategy, with a view to bottom-line results (and that holds true whether you’re a for- or non-profit organization).

In sum, SBC Inc. helps you approach your business communications holistically …

  • by beginning at the end (what do you want to accomplish?)
  • by integrating into your strategy the online and offline tactics that make the most sense for you (not anyone else)
  • by involving, educating and empowering your community (or the community you want to grow) from Day One, and
  • with a view to achieving the results that make the most business sense.

We call this going from corporate codswallop to community cool™.