There are certain questions I’m often asked. To make life easy for both you and I, here they are, as typically asked in the third person along with the answers (click on the question to see the answer):


Where are you from?

Originally, I’m from India. Once I moved to the U.S., I first lived in California, so I feel as if that’s my “American home.”

Where did you learn to speak English?

Probably the same place you did. At school. Though I did have a head start at home.

How do you pronounce your name? And what does it mean?

My first name (I assume that’s the one you’re asking about) is pronounced “Show-nah-lee.” It is Bengali for “the golden one.” I’m named after the late Sonali Dasgupta (the Bengali pronunciation of “S” is “sh”). She was the beautiful Bengali wife of filmmaker Harisadan Dasgupta, who scandalized India in the 1950s by eloping with Roberto Rossellini (still married to Ingrid Bergman at the time).

Who does your hair?

My stylist, Norma. I will never give you her phone number.

Do you really have three dogs?

Not any more, we’re down to one 🙁 . But I’m still a crazy dog lady.

How did you and your husband meet?

Online. I tell the entire story in my TEDx talk. ”You’ve Got Mail” had nothing on us!

How do you stop social media from driving you crazy?

By turning it off. Completely. Sometimes a little distance is good for one. I work out, cook, read, hang out with people I like, and dance. Especially dance.

What are your favorite measurement tools?

It really depends on what it is that needs to be measured. And then it depends on what the client’s budget can rise to (which often is not a lot, unfortunately). When you take one of my workshops, I have a whole session devoted to this.

Yes, I actually do get asked these questions on a semi-regular basis (except for the last one, I used to get asked that but not so much recently… but I figured it would give you a laugh).

So I decided I might as well put them out there for the world to see. Have some more? Bring ’em on. And here’s a little something to make you smile, or at least get your feet a-tappin’. Because I love swing dancing.