Shonali's F'd up faceThis is my “AARGH I F’D UP PLEASE FORGIVE ME” face.

Which you would have seen on Facebook on Friday, if you’re a part of my “Social PR Posse” group.

Because I’d inadvertently sent an email to some of my peeps that should have gone to some OTHER of my peeps, and I was totally TOTALLY freaking out.


As it turns out: quite easily. Because contrary to my greatest expectations, turns out I’m human.

Fortunately for me, many of my peeps reminded me of this.

I quote Shonna:

“You are clearly a strong bad-ass accomplished woman. So, you are human? Ok. You’ve made a well deserved name for yourself. Snafu totally accepted!”

(Shonna, I can’t TELL you how kind and awesome you are. xoxoxo)

Three days later I’m STILL beating myself up over it, because that’s what I do.

But I’m trying really hard to let it go because, as Shonna pointed out … I’m only human.

And in the grand scheme of things, this is a very VERY small thing for me to get worked up about.

I share this because I think there are MANY of you who are like me: who try so hard to do just the best they can, all day, every day.

So when you F up, it takes on monumental proportions … even though it needn’t.

Forgive yourself.

It’s ok.


Your “meh” work on an average day is probably better than 97% of your peers’ “great” work on their best day.

How do I know/why do I say this?

Simple. Because otherwise you wouldn’t be here, hanging out with me.

Have a super rest of your weekend. And if you haven’t yet, sign up for my Social PR Masterclass on Tuesday. Hopefully I won’t F up, but if I do, we can all be in it together. xoxo

Shonali Burke
Founder and publisher of Waxing UnLyrical, Shonali Burke helps purpose-driven brands bring big ideas to life. She teaches at The Johns Hopkins University, has gone back to school herself with the Harvard Business Analytics Program, and is creator/lead instructor at The Social PR Virtuoso® online training hub , where ambitious PR pros learn how to unleash their inner Social PR superheroes. Owned by Lola the Basset Hound, she's mad about ABBA, bacon, cooking, dogs, and Elvis, though not necessarily in that order. Wouldn't you like to be in her kitchen?
Shonali Burke
Shonali Burke