Today’s my husband’s birthday.

He’s not like me at all. He doesn’t like much being made of him; he’s content to be the strong and silent type while I blather away.

Perhaps that’s why we’ve been happily married for almost 11 years (coming up in July).

I’ve met a great many wonderful people in my life, and I’m sure a great many are to follow. But I can’t imagine, for one moment, anyone who would top this wonderful man.

… who puts up with my ABBA and Elvis manias …

… who has never questioned – but, in fact – encouraged – me in everything I’ve done

… who is the most intelligent, funniest, kindest, lovingest person I know.

He’s the bees’ knees. And much, much more, except he’d blush if he read it here.

To my wonderful husband, John: happy birthday!