If all has gone to plan, I am literally about 30K feet above you right now.

Because today I’m flying home for the holidays. 

And I’m looking forward to it despite the borderline insanity I’m likely to experience. I mean, there’s a reason holiday movies put “family drama” at the core of their plots…

You see, it’s my high school’s 30th (gulp) reunion. Here’s a pic from the 25th (faces have been blurred to protect the innocent):


Btw, if you’re past the 5-year reunion mark, have you noticed how the guys tend to generally be balding, paunchy and approaching decrepitude, while the women *literally* look the same, if not better, than when they were in high school? :p 

The cool thing about reunions, though, is collectively celebrating what your classmates have done with their lives… so far.

Just in my graduating class alone, we have captains of industry, world-renowned chefs, celeb authors, internationally-worn fashion designers, social media gurus (ha!)… you name it, we got it.

And you probably have a similar list for yours.

But what is even more cool isn’t just celebrating my classmates’ successes; it’s seeing, and experiencing, the zest they have for the next several years of their lives. 

They may have come a long way, and triumphed over multiple challenges and tragedy… but they’re certainly not done.

They acknowledge what they’ve achieved – maybe with a little #humblebrag (ok, sometimes a lot) – but then they start to put in place the resources they’ll need to climb the next mountain.

And even though I’m not besties with them all, and might not see them for years at a time, I draw strength and inspiration from them without them even realizing it.

Because what is remarkable about almost every single one of them is that they Don’t. Give. Up.

So yes, despite the inevitable holiday stress, I’m looking forward to being among very special people who’ll fill me with renewed energy for the coming year.

And whatever you’ll be doing, wherever you’ll be, I wish you the same.

If you’re traveling, be safe. If you’re not, be safe. And above all, savor each and every moment.

Because it’s only when we can do that, that we truly absorb the lessons our friends and loved ones give us, even if they have no clue they’re doing so.

Happy holidays!

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