bitmoji of Shonali saying namasteI know what you’re thinking.

Labor Day was a month ago. So why am I bringing it up now, when Fall is well and truly Falling, and you can’t get to the pet section in Costco without tripping over the Thanksgiving stuff?

A funny thing happened on the way to Labor Day

Well, the last time we published a post on WUL, Labor Day was around the corner. We were heading into AMEC Measurement Month (September), and I was ruminating on measuring what really matters.

And then I told you we’d take a break for Labor Day, and to focus on what really matters, to be back the following week.

Isn’t it funny how Life lets you know you’re not really in control… of ANYthing?!

Just around that time, my mom’s health started failing. And by the time Labor Day came around, she’d been admitted to hospital, and was lying in the Critical Care Unit as her doctors worked around the clock to pull her back from the edge.

Now, neither of my siblings lives in India (and of course, you know where I am). My uncle, who fortunately lives in the same city, was holding down the fort, but my mom’s condition was really precarious.

Focusing on what really matters

So the very next day – September 6 – I flew out to India. As my uncle put it, my being there might give my mom the will to pull through, and if (God forbid) she didn’t, then I was there, to do all the things you have to do in that situation (see, I can’t even say the words).

Tons happened while I was there – maybe some day I’ll write a book about it! – but long story short, Mom did pull through, and I returned to the U.S. on Sept. 15 (my brother was arriving in India a couple of days later, to take over handling all the “stuff” I’d been handling thus far).

Of course, the drama didn’t end there (it never does, does it?). Mom went BACK into the hospital, again in an emergency situation, on Sept. 19.

Fortunately, her doctors are really, really good, and now she’s back home… and will hopefully not be making any extended stays at Woodlands.

Given how quickly things were moving, and how crazy everything was, we did the only thing that made sense as far as WUL went, when we knew I’d be in India for at least a couple of weeks – we went dark after Labor Day.

I didn’t even have the time to tell you we’d do that, because it was such a crazy situation. Plus, I know how kind you are, and that once you knew the story, you wouldn’t hold it against me.

Back in the saddle

Anyway. It’s now almost a month later… but I’m back, we’re back, and we don’t plan to go away any time soon (unless another funny thing happens on the way to Halloween…).

If you missed us – I do apologize for not giving you a heads up, but am glad you wondered what was going on with WUL!

If you didn’t – no harm, no foul. :)

Beginning next week, WUL will return to its regularly scheduled programming (until we change it up, ha!). I for one, am so happy to be here, talking to you again, shining the Social PR Spotlight on some really stellar PR pros, and showcasing guest bloggers from around the world.

Because as my community, you guys are everything. Seriously.

So have a good weekend, won’t you? And give yourself a virtual hug from me. I’ve missed you.