We had a great time last night at #shonalitweetup and yes, I will be posting photos from that event, but I’ve got just a few minutes before Arianna Huffington‘s keynote begins at PRSA2009.

Very quickly, though, here are some of the cutest shoes I’ve seen at the conference so far.

Why shoes?

There’s a lot of walking and standing at an event like this. Whether you’re an attendee, sponsor or presenter, your tootsies need to feel good, otherwise your networking’s going to be painful and potentially disastrous (as for presentations? Don’t even go there). And you know what a good conversation starter they are.

Plus, what kind of PR people would we be if we couldn’t find hot yet comfy shoes?

Here are some of the good ones so far:

Michelle Apodaca’s olive-colored Tsubos, one of Decker’s six brands. She said, “Tsubo means pressure point in Japanese… hence super comfortable!”

These are what Johna Burke of BurrellesLuce is wearing today. I don’t know what brand they are, but they’re hot.

Can’t leave the gentlemen out. Mike Pranikoff of PRNewswire never disappoints when it comes to cool duds.

And finally, moi. Franco Sarto. I love ’em.

If I find more great shoes to showcase, I’ll add them to my Flickrstream. So if you’re at the conference and have a pair to show off, tweet me.

Oh, and props to Trevor Loe for admitting he owns more pairs of shoes than his wife. There’s a guy after my own heart.

Update, 8 pm PDT.

Sandra Fathi, that’s what I’m talkin’ about!

I saw these on Amy ___ (?) as I was coming out of Arianna Huffington‘s keynote. Even though they’re wedges, the heels look pretty high, so I think they qualify for this particular exercise, don’t you?