Two things happened earlier this week that made me write this post.

First, I got a New Year’s card in the mail earlier this week, from a colleague (on behalf of his business), that made me sigh with relief that I wasn’t the only one who still hadn’t sent out my (the SBC) NY greeting.

Second, I haven’t been able to stop thinking of David Bowie (there’s no way you don’t know he died on Sunday, and we learned about it on Monday).

I’m not as huge a fan as my husband (he saw DB in concert 10 times, beginning with blowing off his high school prom to do so)… but I couldn’t help but get indoctrinated after we got married.

To give you an idea: we actually have a life-size, framed, movie poster of “The Man Who Fell to Earth” (in French) that lived in my office for a long time… and we’re planning on redoing our living room in colors to complement the poster. Need I say more?

I just cannot get over the fact that – all the while knowing he was dying – Bowie worked up until the last minute, releasing “Blackstar” two days before he died.

Two. Days.

You have to be absolutely other-worldly to be able to do that.

I mean… I cannot even BEGIN to describe my awe at this man’s genius, dedication, and willingness to keep moving forward, despite everything, and to keep his focus on his work, his art.

Because that’s really what he did; he kept moving forward.

Even at the end – what we consider an “end,” because that’s all we know – he moved forward.

I honestly cannot think of one other icon who has displayed this level of commitment, of artistry, of belief, at least that I have come across, in my lifetime. I am truly in awe.

And how lucky are you and I, that we got to experience this life at the same time as him?

It’s still early enough in the year to have shiny hopes and dreams that haven’t been swathed and suffocated by the cobwebs and gloom of Great Expectations.

So let’s you and I commit to believing in ourselves and our dreams… and dedicate this year to making them happen.

Let’s you and believe we can be heroes… just for one day.

Officially: Happy New Year.

2016 New Year ecard on unleashing your inner superhero