design elementsGuest Post by Sara Theisen

Design elements can play a big part in the success of your marketing strategy… and there’s a lot more to that than meets the eye.  Here are five main contributors to launching a successful project:

1. Identity/Branding

It is important to keep your design elements visually cohesive with the identity and branding that you already have established. This is how your potential clients will begin to identify with you. For example, if your identity contains mostly classic neutral colors, don’t go overboard with bright colors that don’t mesh well with your logo. Keep it simple and stay on track with your branding and overall style.

Note: If you are just starting out and need help with your brand identity, work with a graphic designer with plenty of experience. DON’T try doing it on your own. You will be happier in the end hiring a professional.

2. Font(s) choice

Typography goes with design like peanut butter goes with jelly. If your design elements work, but your font choice lacks in visual appeal, you could create problems for easy readability for potential clients. Although there really are no rules to say how many fonts you should choose, I recommend choosing no more than three – one for your heading, one for the subheading and another for your body copy.

The fonts you choose can make a big difference in your audience’s ability to read and understand what you write.

3. Creativity

The word “creative” means “resulting from originality of thought, expression, etc.; imaginative.” You may need to ask yourself a few questions to help you through this process. What is it about your product or service that is unique or sets it apart? Who is the target audience that your products or services are being marketed to?

Be unique and stand out among your competitors.

4. Stay consistent.

Make sure your visual identity stays consistent. Your identity is far more than just your logo. It also involves having a common overall design (look and feel), style of graphics, consistent logo treatment while also keeping in mind common colors and fonts. Everything should look as if it came from the same company.

A person holding your business card should notice an immediate visual connection when visiting your website.

5. Remember that less is more.

People relate to imagery far more than they do an overabundance of well-written copy. If you keep in mind the old saying “less is more,” this will help you to keep your design simple, with easy to understand graphics and well chosen fonts.

How do you incorporate design elements into your marketing strategy? Please share in the comments below. 

Image: Bench Accounting via Unsplash, CC Zero

Sara TheisenSara Theisen has a passion for all things creative. Living in the beautiful state of South Carolina, she has been in the design field for more than a decade now. Her company, Sara Theisen Design helps people and businesses create identity/branding, business marketing materials, wedding invitations, custom cards, announcements and more. As an entrepreneur, wife and mother of soon-to-be-three, Sara strives to maintain the balance of both worlds.