MoShowGuest Post by Dan Farkas

Social video has moved from nice to necessary. Anyone reading this blog or spending any time with Shonali knows this – or will know it soon enough.

It’s easy to talk about creating more content. How can we do this quickly? There are plenty of apps that promise Spielberg and deliver something more Mac and Me than ET.

So when I had a chance to review the MoShow app, I was hopeful to find something that fits into a larger social video strategy. Here are my unedited thoughts:

The Good: MoShow Is Fast. Actually, MoShow is Super Fast

Before I even opened the app, I decided to time how long it would take to create my first video. Here’s what I put together.

The time: less than four minutes.

Is it perfect? No. Are my kids adorable? 100%

Social video will never replace $200 an hour high-end 4K video production. The value is leveraging all the photos your professional photographer takes at conferences, banquets and other events. When uploaded to your cloud of choice, you or a colleague can easily get video online as an event occurs. It also helps optimize all the photos you have in your library that you haven’t used over the years

The Really Good: MoShow Is Diverse

I often advise people to take it easy with filters and other bells and whistles. In an ideal world, your photos, videos, sound and story should be enough. Filters should support content, not overtake it.

MoShow offers diversity in this realm. They have intense filters that amplify underwhelming content. They also offer more direct edits that are straightforward.

I also appreciate the music beds. They vary and allow you to upload music you created or already licensed. This is an example of using filters and music to create something concise yet thorough.

The Wish It Would Be Better: Text Support

There’s a growing segment of social video users who read video with muted speakers. MoShow offers the ability to add text. It’s fast; actually, it’s really fast.

The problem for me is that I couldn’t figure out a way to control font size or location. There are other social video tools (Lumen5) that give you more flexibility here. That said, Lumen5 was not as fast for me as MoShow. You also can take video from MoShow, add it to a system like Final Cut or Adobe Premier, and add your own more professional graphics. This “meeting in the middle” approach is a great opportunity for smaller brands looking to boost their presence in a slightly upgraded way.

The You Better Be Careful: Did I Mention MoShow Is Fast?

There is a difference between length and pace in social video; I recently spent a few hundred words outlining that case with PRSA.

MoShow’s default edits are quick; you need to fix this manually. Most people need at least five seconds to read a graphic. Here’s an example of the pace being a bit too brisk.

MoShow allows you use text to create calls to action; make sure your audience has enough time to read, retain, and do what you want them to do. It’s easy to fix this in the app and well worth your time to do so. The first shot in this clip is twice as long. Notice the difference.

The Final Verdict:

For people looking for a magic app that will solve all social video problems, I hate to tell you there isn’t a tool on this planet (or ET’s planet for that matter) that I’ve found, MoShow included. The text features are limited within the app. When you download video files into editing software that gives you better text features, you lose the time value that MoShow so expertly delivers.

Let me stress this again, there is no magic cure all.

That said, MoShow should be high on your social video app list. Seriously, download it after you’re done reading this.

  • It offers diverse filter options that help you better connect with your audience.
  • The music bed features can be quick; they can also give you time to be creative and use existing resources.
  • The app makes it easy to vary shot length and composition in a way to keep the eye engaged.
  • Did I mention it was fast? I mean it’s really fast.

I got a one-week free trial of MoShow, with the option of buying a full year’s worth of the product for $39.99. It’s staying on my phone.

I also have a presentation next week on mobile video tools. I just added slides to the deck.

Give MoShow a try for one week. It won’t cost you a dime. Test it out with a handful of social media posts and see what happens. I would be stunned if you didn’t get more reach, engagement and behavior change that aligns with your business objectives.

Dan FarkasProfessional Wearer of Many Hats isn’t something you can put on a LinkedIn profile, but it may be the best way to describe Dan Farkas. Dan is a Lecturer of Strategic Communication at The Ohio State University, where he teaches courses ranging from research, to strategy, to content creation to analysts. Dan is also a business owner who still practices the craft when not chasing late homework assignments or his two kids. Connect with Dan on LinkedIn or email