thanksgivingI imagine you’re running around like a turkey with your head cut off (sorry, couldn’t resist it!) shopping, unfreezing birds, and vacuuming your guest room / living room / under-the-stairs closet.

All the holiday frenzy reminds me of a Thanksgiving we spent in India, many years ago… 10, to be precise. Now, India isn’t on your usual list of T’Day destinations, but for whatever reason (I forget), that was when we (aka Mr. Burke & I) were headed East.

Little-known fact: turkeys are not commonly-available in India.

But my mom was determined to make it a great Thanksgiving for “the Americans.” So she rustled up a roast chicken that was to die for, we made our version of pumpkin pie together, and all in all had an absolute blast. You can see the amazing dinner in the picture above.

My point is:

Life doesn’t need to be perfect to be special.

Life doesn’t need to be on time to be right.

Life doesn’t need to be hunky-dory to be great.

I wish you and yours a blessed Thanksgiving. It’s ok to get off the hamster wheel for just a bit. The madness will be waiting when you get back (and so will I).

Have a safe, fun, and above all wonderful Thanksgiving. See you next week.