The Social PR Virtuoso

This is your last call to invest in a killer professional development opportunity that WILL change your world.

A couple of weeks ago,  I co-hosted the monthly #PRSSA Twitter chat. That’s the hashtag commonly-used by PRSSA (the Public Relations Student Society of America).

These kids don’t mess around. They actually go to class and have a full load of schoolwork. In some cases, and depending on how far along they are in school, they’re also working hard at internships. They volunteer as student leaders with their local PRSSA chapter.

For all I know, they’re off building schools in remote Himalayan villages on those rare weekends they’re not carrying groceries home for little old Floridian ladies.

And THEN, in their copious free time, they participate in Twitter chats like the one I sat in on. To network, to learn, but more than anything, for the sheer joy of participating in conversation with their student and industry peers.

Conversation that might literally open up new doors in seconds. Like this one (read from the bottom up, then the thread will make sense to you):

PRSSA Twitter Chat

I cannot even begin to tell you how impressed I was (am) with these students. One of ’em was even doing a Storify of the chat as we co-hosted it – LIVE!

These kids have more energy in their little fingers than most of us have in our entire bodies. Sure, they have genetics on their side. But they also have something that is the fairy dust of great Social PR pros:


Think these kids are sitting around on a Sunday afternoon discussing the merits of underwater basket-weaving vis-à-vis PR?

Think they’re sitting around – regardless of the day or time thereof – bemoaning shitty clients, shitty supervisors, and shitty colleagues without doing something about it?

Think they’re sitting around wondering how to get ahead without being willing to invest the time, energy, AND precious resources they have into their careers?


They are BOTHERING to invest in their careers, their future.

They are BOTHERING to work when it’s not convenient, study when they least feel like it, get online and participate in a Twitter chat when they least feel like it… because they KNOW it will pay off.

Maybe not immediately, maybe not tomorrow, but definitely, at some point in the future, it will pay off.

If you’re serious about your career, you need to make this decision too.

You can sit around, waiting for great stuff to happen to you. For great clients to come your way, for that promotion to automagically appear like the sparkle on the Orbit chick’s Magically Delicious front teeth, for that award to waft its way towards your Love Me wall.

Ain’t gonna happen.

You gotta SIT UP and MAKE it happen.

I’m giving you the chance to do that. Because if one of these kids is YOUR inner kid… then I want to work with you.

I WANT to help you unleash your inner Social PR Superhero by signing up as a Social PR Virtuoso.

I WANT you to pick my brain – do you know how many people ask me for that?! – so that I can share what I’ve learned, good AND bad, over the last 16+ years.

I WANT you to run circles around your peers – heck, around me! – because the Social PR strategies and campaigns you put together are JUST. SO. GOOD.

I am giving you the chance to do this… but I can’t do it for you.

Will you? Or won’t you? You have until 11:59 pm EST today to decide.