I’ve been having a blast here in NYC at BlogWorld and New Media Expo. From catching up with old friends, to making new ones, to meeting online friends and delighting in the fact that they are exactly as they seem to be online… but more! … I’ve loved my experience here.

As I publish this, it’s 13 minutes to the closing keynote and a saxophone is being tuned on stage. Looks like it will be quite a party as BWE closes shop for a few months, and I, along with several hundred others, are getting ready to enjoy it.

But as we do, it’s important to remember not everyone is this fortunate. As we did our meet and greets over the last few days, we couldn’t help but remember the weather disasters that have most recently wreaked havoc in Joplin, Miss. People have lost so much – their homes, their lives – and I’m asking you to help, if you can. Please.

All of us here at BWE are trying to help raise funds for those devastated by this latest series of disasters. And you can too, by donating to the #BWECares fundraiser, that’s been set up to help the Red Cross help tornado victims. We’re trying to raise $5,000 by the end of the week, and all proceeds benefit the Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund.

Please help if you can, and I’d love you to share this post, other posts like it, and tweet and post to Facebook about #BWECares. We all have communities that we can reach to.

Our combined communities are so much larger than any single person’s community, and if we really put our hands to it, we can make a difference.

Image: John T Pilot via Flickr, CC 2.0