Just a few more hours before we put our 2010 calendars away and start our New Year, eh?

My, time flies.

In a bit of a reminiscing mood, these were the highlights of 2010 for me.

1. I turned 40. And I liked it.

2. Connections that began in social media turned into real-life friendships.

3. I saw my brother (who lives in London) three times this year.

4. After nine years, I finally saw my sister again. In person. In my home. Trippy.

5. Thanks to Skype, I kept my phone bill down, and was able to talk regularly not just with my family but with friends all around the world as well.

6. #measurePR really took off (the next chat’s on January 4, btw, with Justin Goldsborough, where we’ll be talking influence).

7. I traveled a lot. A LOT. And loved it.

8. Waxing UnLyrical has started taking on a life of its own, and its blogging team is growing slowly but steadily.

9. Since the 2010 PRSA International Conference was held in DC, I was able to host many of the folks I’ve come to know, admire, respect and learn from via social media in my home.

Let me tell ya, cooking for 30 people is backbreaking, but completely worth it.

10. This year, I came to treasure even more the wonderful circle of family and friends who keep me going in good times and bad.

11. I served as IABC/DC Metro chapter president and with a fabulous volunteer board, managed to bring our chapter to a much better financial position than it was in previously.

12. You.

When I look at this list that I’ve put together, the thread that runs through it is clear to me.

While technology and, yes, money, made a lot of these things possible, what stands out are the people who I met, reconnected with, got to know.


It’s always about people. With their faults and all, people are what keep us going; what keeps our humanity intact.

In 2011, I wish you health, happiness and wonderful, wonderful people.