Taking a cue

from Robin Ferrier’s Women Grow Business (disclosure: client) post on “un-resolutions for the New Year,” I’ve been thinking about what my un-resolutions would be.

Because we all make resolutions… and more often than not, we don’t keep them.

That can make us feel like losers.

And who wants to be a loser?

While I’m not calling them my un-resolutions, here’s what I will try to do more – or less – of in 2011.

1. Give Waxing UnLyrical wings.

If you read this blog regularly (ahem, there’s a “subscribe” button to your right if you don’t), you’ll have noticed more posts from more authors on a regular basis.

Bringing on guest bloggers was one of the best things I could have done.

Not only because it helps me immensely in terms of creating content, but because it gives readers a range of opinion and insight into the business of communication.

In 2010, WUL got a “new pair of shoes,” as they say, thanks to the guest bloggers, many of whom are now part of my regular blogging team.

It might sound clichéd, but I really do learn from them.

I enjoy reading their stuff, marvel at how they come up with great content ideas, and am proud that, in some cases, it has helped them start blogging or move up in their careers.

In 2011, I would like to see WUL really take flight; not just from a content point of view, but continue to expand and become a landing pad for global voices of public relations and social media.

2. Pay more attention to wellness.

I put off a lot of medical stuff in 2010, either because I was too tired to deal with routine doctor visits, or because I was “too busy.”

This was stupid of me. I’m lucky in that, for the most part, none of this had terrible repercussions, but if I’m not truly of sound body, then I’m not truly of sound mind.

And if I’m not truly of sound mind, my work suffers.

So this is not a question of pampering myself. It’s a question of making sure I’m in the best shape possible to continue doing what I love (and what pays the bills).

In 2011, I will try to make wellness a part of my everyday life.

That means eating right (which means cooking as often as I can), exercising regularly (whether on my elliptical machine or by taking my dogs for a walk, or by taking dance classes – yes!), getting the rest I need when I need it, and being heretically productive.

3. Work smarter, not harder.

I don’t want you to think I’m a slacker. And if you know/have worked with me, you’ll know I’m not.

What I found in 2010, though, was that some of the work that came my way, was extremely time-consuming, to the point where it exhausted me.

In some cases, I undertook tasks that were more like chores because, while they were things I could do, they were things I didn’t really want to do. And over and above everything else, they didn’t pay very much.

Hard work is a given. But I don’t have to undertake work that is hard and that does not generate the kind of revenue it should and that I find un-fulfilling.

In 2011, I will try to say “no” more often when I need to, and keep my business building focus on working with clients I want to work with, not just those who can pay the bills.

This will also allow me to start building up a stream of lateral income. I’m still working on the nuts and bolts of that, so when I have it figured out, you bet I’ll let you in on it (if you’d like, that is).

I could probably go on, but if I can get these three things in order, I’m pretty sure everything else will fall into place.

This is how I hope to shape the new year. It’s how I’m going to tackle my triangle of aims and aspirations, both on a personal as well as business level.

How about you?