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03 Sep 2009

Email Lists: One Step at a Time

Estimated Reading Time: 3 minutes

I took a completely unscientific Twtpoll a couple of days ago. The question was: you’ve met someone once, and like a good networker, exchanged business cards. Next thing you know, you’re on this person’s email list, which is clearly being used to market his/her small business. OK or no way?

Out of 28 votes, seven thought it was ok. The rest (75%) pretty much said no way (if it’s going in your spam filter, I take it as a sign that it’s unwanted) and the comments are pretty clear.

My Take

In […]

01 Sep 2009

Email Lists: To Add or Not To Add

Estimated Reading Time: 48 seconds

I’m curious: how do you feel about being added to email lists that are clearly being used for marketing purposes by someone you don’t really have a relationship with, specifically, you’ve met only once? Being a good networker, you gave out your business card. Next thing you know, you’re on their email list (sometimes without an unsubscribe option).

I know how I feel about this, but what about you?

I’d love it if you’d take this quick Twtpoll and let me know. Your answers will help me greatly with the […]

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