Don’t choke on your coffee, but I’m back. Or Waxing UnLyrical is back. We’re back. Whichever way you’d like to look at it, we…

I think you got the message.

What have I been doing in these 2+ weeks? Or, more importantly, what’s been going on with WUL in these 2+ weeks?

She’s been sleeping.

Yes, my blog is a girl. Which shouldn’t surprise you at all, given the author’s gender.

Sleep is important. It’s rejuvenating. It helps solve problems. And sometimes it gives way to terrific dreams, which make you go, “Wow! Now that’s what I should do.” If you can remember the dream in the morning, that is.

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been in a bit of an online bubble; self-imposed, I hasten to add. I traveled to Jacksonville and Montreal, I took some time off to see my sister after 9+ years (can you believe it?!), enjoyed my outdoor speakers, watered my plants, got ready for my semester at Johns Hopkins, did a s**t-load of work …

… I even slowed down on Twitter. Someone slap me!

So if a person must sleep, so, it seems to me, must a blog.

It might take us some time to get back to normal (whatever that is, and please know I’m not trying to use the royal “we”), but the point is, I’m back. WUL is back.

And hopefully we’ll be refreshed and, in turn, refreshing for you. (If not, we’ll have to nap again).

Thank you for hanging in there with me.

Image: Lina Smith, Creative Commons