As I mentioned yesterday, this blog turned a year old on January 10. Another milestone for me in a year of milestones (another one’s coming up on January 15, in case you missed my post from yesterday).

It’s been quite a ride, which is why I decided to use this wonderful photograph from West Zest’s Flickrstream (CC-licensed, of course) as a visual accompaniment to this post.

Because I felt quite childlike when I started my journey through the blogosphere; wonder that you cared what I thought, glee when it made you chuckle, and overwhelmed when you showed you cared, like when you helped find Darby a home.

I plan to share some of my lessons learned in this first year of blogging in a follow-up post, but this particular one is meant to thank a few people who really helped me out, started me off and kept me going. This is not an “Oscar” list by any stretch of the imagination; I’ve received so much support from around the world it would be impossible for me not to leave someone off a larger “thank you” list – so please know I really, really appreciate all of you.

In particular, though, I need to thank:

Kami Huyse, who gave me my first guest post slot even before I started this blog. She took a chance on me and, as a result, put me on the path to Wax UnLyrical.

Robin Lane, who patiently sat through countless IMs about “what the heck do I call it?” I wanted it to have a really great name, and she told me to go with my gut.

Lisa Hoffmann, who gave freely of her advice and encouragement. She’s one of the nicest, most welcoming people it’s been my good fortune to meet.

Joe Perez, who has taught, and continues to teach, me so much. Joe helps me out with all sorts of blog-related stuff, from SEO, to plugins, to Idon’tknowwhatchacallemsbuttheyrock, at all hours of the day and night. Joe, some day when I’m rich, I’ll buy you an island.

Jeff Crites, who connected me to Joe. Jeff – you probably don’t even remember, but it was an IM on Facebook that set this whole thing off. So really, this whole thing is your fault.

Shashi Bellamkonda, who shares his love of technology and tools freely, and who has given me countless tips on how and where to start making this blog more visible.

If you’ve visited, commented, shared my posts, tweeted or retweeted them out, subscribed (gasp!), you’ve kept me going. And that has led to some wonderful connections, professional opportunities and even a legitimate advertising inquiry (just one, just yesterday, but it’s a start, right?). Someone pinch me.

Thank you all. Year Two and beyond – here we come!