I was trying to come up with a really good post for today.

One that would make you go, “Really?!”

“Oh no!”

Or, “Oh, yes!”

As the case may be.

But I couldn’t.

Because I’m absolutely useless at playing April Fool’s jokes.

Terrible at them.

I mean, if I said I was quitting Twitter, would you believe me?

Or quitting PR?

To focus on cooking and food blogging?

Not likely.

However, I will tell you that I’m intrigued by Klout’s decision to include text messaging into its algorithm.

‘Cos, you know, I text all the time.

All. The. Time.

So maybe this will help with getting scads of free stuff thrown at me, tons of money to be a loudmouth, and my own bobblehead doll.

But all that might take a while.

So instead, this is a very very serious post.

To say…

Go have fun today.

Be silly.

Don’t hurt anyone.

Be gracious if the joke’s on you.

And I’ll try to do the same.

Image: Colin Grey via Flickr, CC 2.0