I’ve spent way too much time this morning (already!) on trying to figure out the Google +1 button. I received my invite a few days ago, but every time I tried to click through, I’d get to an error page. If that’s been happening to you as well, here is where you can grab your code.

It’s pretty easy to install, but it took me a lot of time to get the placement where I wanted it. A little frustrating, but for now, it works. I’m not sure if I will keep it on WUL, but there’s no point in dismissing it until I’ve tried it out for a while, right?

While I was doing this, Jill Foster alerted me to a video of a kid giving a motivational speech after learning to ride a bike.

It made me smile, because I remember how exhilarated I was when I learned how to ride a bike (still can’t skate, though). And every time I succeed in tweaking something in WordPress – like figuring out (somewhat) the Google +1 button – I feel like I learned how to ride a new “bike.”

So as you go about your business today and in the days to come, I hope you get that feeling too.