Clients. They’re either heaven… or … you know.

Fortunately, SBC clients are the former. And nothing makes us prouder than when they get the recognition they deserve.

Here’s some of the news we’ve generated for clients (when they want to be in the news, those who don’t, we keep out!), and well-deserved kudos when they achieved their business goals.

Now, you’ll see that some of these are placements or reports in what you’d consider “traditional” media, while some appear on blogs you may not even consider “media.” And let’s not even get started on “influencers”…

The thing is: our media landscape is changing by the second, forget about the minute. Which media outlets make the most sense for you to be featured in? Traditional? New? Both?

That’s what we’ll help you figure out when we put your Social PR-fueled growth strategy in place.

It might be a mix of traditional and new media, with a strong element of social media activity and engagement.

Or, we may recommend focusing first on content development and social engagement, because no one can tell your story – especially not the media – if there’s no content for them to tell it with.

Either way, we’ll make our best recommendation based on what you’re trying to achieve, not just to “get you in the news” with no purpose in mind.

How cool would it be if you were featured on this page? I. Know!