For far too long, businesses have approached communication with a megaphone in hand. That may have worked when your stakeholders had no option but to be shouted at by you, but now they can talk back.

And often, they do. Very, very loudly.

A “Social PR” approach knows and takes this into account, and instead uses the communication platforms of our time wisely and collaboratively.

As a result, you build (and maintain) relationships with your stakeholders that translate into increased awareness, trust, reputation and, ultimately, bottom-line results.

We’ll begin by looking, together, at the end: what are you trying to accomplish? What’s your big idea?

Based on that research and intelligence, we then design and implement a Social PR-fueled growth strategy, which could include a range of tactics, be it “old” or “new” media, influencer outreach, socialized content, and so on – that will culminate in the results you need. 

Remember the saying, “It takes a village?” Well, that “village” is what we help you build, manage and grow. Just like this.


Now, if you don’t quite have the budget for the full-blown strategy development and implementation you’d like, we can at least get you started on the right track, via a speaking engagement, or even a more in-depth workshop or training session.

And if you need a little bit of each, we’ll customize a solution that is just right for you.

Ready to get started?