It’s relatively easy to find an agency or consultant who can “do your PR” for you; serve as your “arms and legs,” as it were.

We’ve done this for a ton of wonderful organizations. The thing is, while “arms and legs” are relatively easy to find, “brains” are not.

So SBC focuses on the “brain” work. We help you figure out how smart communication strategy can help you solve a business problem.

And then, if you need “arms and legs,” we’re more than happy to give you our own (without amputation of bodily parts, of course)… or help you strengthen yours.

We excel at working with purpose-driven brands on:

  • Environmental scans and audits and strategic planning
  • Goal and vision setting, with the related messaging and materials development
  • Data-driven storytelling, which is baked into our Social PR-fueled integrated marketing campaigns
  • Influencer and content marketing, frequently accompanied by brand ambassadorship
  • Media, speaking and presentation training
  • Customized, in-person, Social PR workshops and bootcamps, both public and private
  • Bespoke training programs in several aspects of digital media and marketing
  • Go-to-market programs, including strategic partnerships and online community building

We’ve done all this and more for a variety of organizations. They were big, they were small, but they had one thing in common: they were willing to think out of the proverbial “box.”

Sometimes we were their “arms and legs,” sometimes we weren’t… but we always brought our brains.

Some of our mad skillz include:

  • Superb (really) writing and editing
  • Storyboarding for speeches and presentations
  • Audio and video editing (including voice overs)
  • Killer survey development and analysis
  • Digital event orchestration
  • Media, blogger and influencer relations
  • Email marketing and automation
  • Content, content, content
  • Eliciting tears of joy (just checking you were still paying attention)

So, seriously. Call us.