You love what you hear and read about the “new” approach to PR … but sometimes bringing me in for a brief speaking engagement isn’t enough.

Because when you’re getting ready to change the entire communication culture of your organization, you want to do a deep dive, as opposed to skimming the surface.

This is where my training services can help. You can avail these in two ways:

1. Sign your team up for seats in my acclaimed online Social PR training program, The Social PR Virtuoso® Master Course

They’ll get lifetime access to the most in-depth PR training around (10.5 hours) that will teach them how to uplevel their work like never before.

While the training is self-paced (i.e. they take it at their own pace), they can log in as many times as they need, and get a certificate of completion at the end.

Master Course testimonial from Dinean R

Plus, they’ll be invited to a private, invitation-only community supported group where they can ask for help whenever they need it.

2. If you’re looking for in-person training, I offer workshops that run from half a day all the way up to one or two days.

In these workshops, I create a boot camp-like environment so that participants really get the chance to dig into the subject at hand.

All trainings are built around my proprietary 7C Social PR Framework™, which is the most forward-thinking and results-generating way to design and implement effective PR in a digital world.

Some of my most popular workshops include:

Gone are the days when “social media” was the domain of your twenty-something employees. Today, social platforms are where your customers and constituents of all ages and stages literally live online. If you’re a business leader, you should take this workshop to:

  • Learn the three core principles of effective social media engagement
  • Examine key social media platforms, and understand how they work on both personal and professional levels
  • Review how businesses of all sizes have effectively used social media to support and reach business goals
  • Experience the benefits of real-time social engagement through workshop exercises and hands-on participation
  • Understand the kinds of metrics your social media team should and shouldn’t use when reporting back to you
There’s a difference between “hearing” and “listening.” Do you know which it is your organization or business does… and the business ramifications of not doing it well? In this workshop, you will:

  • Learn the difference between “passive” and “active” listening (and ‘fess up which you’ve been doing thus far)
  • Make the connection between active listening and strategy, and how they have a mutually symbiotic relationship
  • Familiarize yourself with different types of listening dashboards (yes, some are free!) and how to use them effectively
  • Experiment with simple yet effective techniques to build community through active listening online
  • Understand how to put active listening at the center of your communication strategy for better business results
Today, good public relations entails much more than blindly blanketing the media (and bloggers) with information that’s of dubious value to begin with. And more often than not, it entails a strong element of building and managing online community. In this workshop, you will:

  • Learn the three key elements of an effective 21st century “social PR” strategy, and how it differs from “old” PR
  • Know which time-tested research and analytical methods you should still use in the 21st century
  • Understand why talking at people isn’t effective, and how to effectively use today’s popular social media platforms to talk with them
  • Experience real-time social engagement through workshop exercises and hands-on participation
  • Understand how to effectively incorporate measurement, so that it validates and improves your programs and, therefore, your business
We have more measurement tools than ever before; so many, that we don’t know what to do with most of them. And no matter how good a tool is, you still need smart people using it in a smart way, to derive the most benefit. In this workshop, you will:

  • Learn the basics of good PR measurement and, conversely, the seven deadly sins of bad measurement
  • Understand how to differentiate between fact and fiction in the measurement context, and the two acronyms to stay far away from
  • Master the process behind creating effective and realistic measurable objectives
  • Learn how to incorporate online analytics into your PR measurement (yes, it can be done)
  • Understand how to make the right kinds of correlations between your communication efforts and your organization’s business objectives

And this is just the beginning

Depending on your training needs, there are a number of ways we can work together.

You can:

Here’s some of what folk have to say about my trainings:

DawnB“Shonali knows her stuff. A dynamic speaker, she makes measurement – a subject that makes some of the best PR pros dizzy – easy to understand and implement.” ~ Dawn Buzynski, APR, Strategic America

Gary Klasen“With energy, passion and a whole lot of common sense, Shonali focuses on successful social media strategies that accomplish targeted business outcomes.” ~ Gary Klasen, Eaton

Kathy Barbour“In a field that’s crowded with speakers and trainers, Shonali’s no-nonsense, hands-on approach stands out as much for its refreshing clarity as much for her humorous and engaging presentation style. Hire her today!” ~Kathy Barbour, APR, Baptist Health South Florida

Ready?  Let’s get started.