If you wear so many hats as part of your PR work, it almost feels like you own a hat store (!) take heart – you are not alone

I’ve been there, done that, and figured out how to cut through the clutter to focus on what’s really important:

crafting and telling your clients’ (or organizations’) stories in a way that engages, resonates, and ultimately motivates your audiences towards your desired outcomes.

There are two ways I can help you.

1. You can learn from my failures and successes without having to make them yourself by grabbing your seat in my self-paced online training program, The Social PR Virtuoso® Master Course.

This is an advanced online, self-paced training program (with LIFETIME access, btw) for PR pros ready to unleash their “inner Social PR superheroes” and catapult their careers.

It’s built around my 7C Social PR Framework™, which approaches the integration of social media and PR in a completely new way, but one that does not add unnecessary “stuff” to your plate.

Most importantly, it will teach you how to measure your work in a completely practical, non-headachy way, and prove the value of your work to current and future clients.

2. If you have been wanting to learn directly from me for a while, you’re in luck! Because I’m now booking limited seats in my 1:1 Mentorship Program, “Career Catapult.”

This is a really intensive, 1:1 coaching program, that looks at where you were in your career, where you are, and where you want to go… and then we work together so you hit the ground running to get there.

We start off with a two-month program, during which you get:

  • 4 1:1 coaching calls with me
  • Extremely hands-on email support in between calls
  • Free and LIFETIME access to the Social PR Virtuoso® Master Course, and all the bonuses that come with it, including a private community-supported Facebook group

So if that’s something you’d like to explore, I’d love you to check it out, so that we can chat and see if this is a good fit for you.