Nothing speaks louder than hard – and successful – work.

Over the last couple of decades, we have collectively helped launch a national portrait competition, reinvented communications for local and national animal welfare organizations, brought multicultural audiences much-needed healthcare information and hope for a better life, breathed fresh life into company websites, and given the country’s first media monitoring and measurement service a 21st century dimension.

Our experience spans several industries in the for- and non-profit areas, including:

Arts & entertainment

Health care 

Social tech

SaaS companies and products

Animal welfare & services


Domestic and international governments

Social justice issues

Advocacy & education

Start-ups & technology

Public relations and marketing firms

Women’s issues

Here are some select case studies that will show you how SBC Inc. helped a range of clients achieve their goals (please click on the logo to go to the case study).

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Are we always successful? Of course not (and anyone who tells you they have a 100% success rate is lying).

When we have not been successful, it’s usually because of one of the following:

  • the client really doesn’t know why it’s trying to do whatever it is in the first place (and won’t let us figure it out for/with them);
  • there are internal challenges that have absolutely nothing to do with us… and ironically bringing us on board helped bring them to light;
  • the client has lion-sized dreams but kitten-sized budgets; or
  • the client thinks it wants growth-focused digital PR, but really wants spray-and-pray outreach.

But so far, at least, most of the time we have been … and that’s when clients have treated us as partners towards a mutually defined and agreed-to goal.

Maybe you’re our next case study. If you like what you see, please, call us.