modern city at nightI told you Monday about my new mini-training, right?

Well, last week I sent a few emails out to let folks know I had something pretty cool coming up. If they wanted to stay in the know, they’d need to subscribe to my new email list (since that’s really the best way to keep folks in the loop).

Image: Photodune

There were some VERY interesting responses.

Most said, “Hey, Shonali! You betcha!” without thinking twice about it.

Because they know me, and would never suspect me of nefarious schemes, such as surreptitiously switching out a butt cushion with a farting rubber ducky.

A few did the Ellen “Half Head Turn,” hovered over your keyboards, and then messaged me on various platforms, asking if the emails were legit, because it “didn’t sound like” me.

Fair enough; there are an awful lot of widowed spouses of former Nigerian government honchos down on their luck but curiously adept with email.

And some did not even bother to check with me (even though they know me) but instantly hit the “spam” button!

After I licked my wounds and picked myself up, I realized I’d (re)learned three very important lessons directly related to Social PR fundamentals:

1. If you don’t communicate with people for a while, it shouldn’t surprise you when they play the “you ARE the weakest link GOODBYE” card.

2. On the flip side, there’s no need to be a douchebag while jumping on the buzzer. Be, you know, social.

3. [dead Scottish poet alert] if the “giftie gie us” the power to see ourselves as others see us we’d all be lining up for bifocals at Costco.

The whole “it doesn’t sound like you” thing is fascinating to me (reflected in #1 & 3 above).

Because it made me wonder: what doI sound like? How do you expect me to sound?

And, conversely, it made me wonder: do you ever think about what you sound like to your audiences?

It’s worth thinking about, because if they mostly don’t believe you’re you, they’re not going to be in a receptive frame of mind for your messages.

And your PR program just became the teacher from Peanuts.


I mentioned this on Monday, but let’s get into details: after teaching online for other people (and companies) for years, I’m finally doing it on my own!

I’m kicking off in mid-November with a free, LIVE online mini-training: The Social PR Launchpad: Unleash your Inner Social PR Superhero.

I’m really proud of my landing page, even though by the time I hit “publish” I wanted to poke my eyeball out with a fork except then I’d have worse eyesight than Johnny Depp in “Pirates of the Caribbean.” So please at least go have a look.

But more than that – please sign up! It will be a lot of fun AND informative. And – there will be a 24-hour replay for all registrants, so there goes your “but it’s over the weekend” excuse.

I’m counting on seeing you there, and if you brought a friend or 10, I’d love you to pieces forever.

Now go have a great Halloween and I’ll talk to you Monday!