Suzy Q rolling in the grassI confess.

If you came here looking for 15 blog headlines that don’t suck… you were sucked in.

By a blog headline that didn’t suck!

“Find ways to get people to your blog!”

“Draw your audience in!”

Make sure your headline doesn’t suck!”

How many times have we heard all that?

Yes. I know. So I won’t go over all that again.

That photo? Suzy Q. rolling in the grass. Because it doesn’t suck.

The thaang is

The thing is, recently my blog (and news) consuming habits have been very “un” SSMG [Supposed Social Media Guru]-like. I’ve been working really hard, playing equally hard (swing dancing, anyone?) and, all in all, enjoying life thoroughly.

So when it comes to keeping up with my blog reading, I’ve been doing a woefully poor job. At least I’ve started to log back into Feedly, which I wasn’t doing for the longest time.

And you know what I realized?

Everything the SSMGs say is true!

If the headline sucks… I don’t read it. Even if it’s from a blog(ger) I know and respect. Because, let’s face it, we all go through those patches of sucky Aitches [prize to anyone who can tell me what that is, and if you read P. G. Wodehouse, you’re disqualified].

And when Kevin Duggan (who totally doesn’t suck and who I totes respect and, even more, like) goes and writes this… he totes proves my point.

The challenge

So I thought I’d ask you – my trusted readers – to give me some headlines that don’t suck.

And then I’ll write posts that fit those headlines… or are in radical contrast to them (kinda like this one, only… not really…) – and we’ll see if the post matches up to the promise of the headline.

Whaddya say?

Please do play along, I’ll be crushed if you don’t! Ready… Set… Go!