business-superherosFACT: Most PR pros’ use of social PR is about as effective as a dachshund humping a wolfhound: highly optimistic and completely useless.

FACT: You cannot become a Social PR Superhero without commitment. Daenerys would not have become the Mother of Dragons without it.

FACT: Tucking your lucky sock under your pillow each night will do nothing for your social PR smarts. Working hard at it WILL.

FACT: The difference between a Social PR Rock and a Social PR Rockstar is nimbleness and flexibility.

FACT: You cannot be a Social PR superhero if your vocabulary is like, whatever.

FACT: There might be a tectonic shift next Friday, what with all the Social PR Superheros congregating on my mini-training.

My mini-training is shaping up to be a doozy, so I hope to see you there! Sign up before you get distracted by the weekend… and have a good one!

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