valentine taped to wallI know, I know. 

You’re tired of posts telling you to use Valentine’s Day that show you “Five Ways to Show Your Clients Some Valentine’s Day Love,” or “How Not to be a Bloody Valentine,” or “A Valentine From My Business to Yours.”

You’re not? Oh, ok. Then I might file away some of those headlines for future posts.

Image: Patrick Beeson via Flickr, CC 2.0

Frankly, if you have been working on a Valentine’s Day promo for your business, it was likely planned a while back; if it wasn’t, then you’re way late.

Ditto for any PR efforts piggybacking on the day, regardless of how bad they are (what, exactly, about WUL says “pitch me for politically-themed dating sites” I really don’t know)… if you’re just getting to them today, you’re really, really late.

Which is not to say they won’t work, it’s just that the likelihood is pretty low.

So instead, I put together a Listly list (my new favorite toy!) of posts that might spark ideas on how to incorporate social media and customer service into your business in a smart way. Some of the posts might help you directly; some might help you indirectly (because of the media they use, or the way they’re framed). A couple are from WUL, but most are not. But they are all, IMHO, good posts.

I’ve started the list with 12 posts; if you find others you’d like to add, go for it (I did turn on moderation for the list while I’m getting used to Listly, just so you know). And if you enjoy some posts more than others, do vote them up or down; I’m curious to see what you think of them.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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