Guest post by Davina Brewer

As a PR pro, one of the things I’ve liked best about this social media movement is the rebirth or revival of storytelling.

Back to basics, we’re trying to tell real, human stories again.


It’s not all about you.

It’s about your customers or vendors, your clients and employees too; their stories and how your product or service helps them.


It’s the product or service.

Is it?

There are times I think, following Apple and Disney, it’s like they’re putting on a marketing clinic. They don’t sell technology or theme park rides. They sell lifestyle, experiences, memories. With the economy in the crapper.


It’s about the now, and the future and what’s got you there from when.


Is it local? Is it global?

Are you the pool expert getting calls from four states over because of your kickass content?

The difference makers


Anyone can make a gadget. Apple’s always been known for the design and the “how” they make things.

I for one also want to see Apple design a watch or food processor or a washer and dryer that’ll put my laundry away for me, just to see what they hell they’d do.

Anyone can get their gadget on store shares.

Apple builds their own stores, with support and service that are all a part of that brand story and to quote Danny Brown, the genius bars are well… genius.


What is it about you that makes you better? Others will have a better mousetrap, lower prices and/or better service.

Why are you so damned special?

My local Six Flags may be cheaper, even offer coupon deals but there is really no comparison to the Disneyworld experience. Employees are cast members, customers are guests, and it’s just more than a theme park.

They put it all together and then some. Why?

It’s part of the Disney brand DNA to exceed expectations. That’s why millions make the trip to Florida (and California) every year. It’s how Disney made the world’s largest people-trap designed by a mouse.

X factors

  • Stats: If you have the surveys, interesting data, use them
  • Infographics: AKA chart porn, sometimes the easiest and sharpest way to share a lot of info
  • Pictures: Nice, professional, eye catching pictures. I’ll search for images that really tell or illustrate my point, along with being snarky and funny as hell

The best storytelling tip I’ve ever heard was Dr. Hardy, LSU Honors College: “Warm up on your own time.”

What’s yours?

When not playing the lottery or yelling at the fake people on her crappy TV shows, Davina K. Brewer is some sort of PR, Marketing, Social Media person who makes hats or something. She also tweets, blogs, drinks wine and makes up wacky acronyms JFTHOI.