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15 Aug 2010

Weekly Roundup: A Tryst With Destiny

Estimated Reading Time: 3 minutes

Today is India’s 63rd Independence Day (image: melgupta via Flickr, Creative Commons).

In tribute to my country of birth, this edition of Weekly Roundup focuses on writings by, from and of Indian authors (or authors of Indian descent).

1. Innovation and HR’s quest to be strategic, by Gautam Ghosh.

Why: Gautam is an excellent and prolific writer (and friend). He’s managed to parlay his social media savvy and business smarts into the realm of human resources, an area not typically known for either (sorry, HR people, but […]

24 Jul 2009

Follow Friday: The Graceland Edition

Estimated Reading Time: 3 minutes

One of the things that struck me about Elvis’ former home on our recent road trip through Tennessee was just how comfortable it looks.

Graceland’s certainly an imposing structure when seen from afar – or even the front. But once you get inside, the rooms aren’t vast and the furniture looks really comfy. It doesn’t look too much like a rock star’s home, unlike some of the mansions you see on Cribs; it looks like a place you’d want to hang out in.

So this week, I’m highlighting […]

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