05 Feb 2010

Snowmageddon’s Upon Us!

Estimated Reading Time: 50 seconds

I took this video of my dogs the last time we had “snowmageddon” in the DC area, just before Christmas. That wasn’t even two months ago (dear Zeus, if you’re reading this, I’ve had enough, thank you).

I never got around to posting it the last time, though a few of my Twitter friends enjoyed it – and this time around it seems it’ll snow for quite a while before we can enjoy another canine romp through the white stuff.

Until then, for your viewing pleasure, here you go (and check out those abs on Lola the basset). […]

23 Dec 2009

Holiday Cards, PR and ROI

Estimated Reading Time: 8 minutes

Heads up: I ramble quite a bit through this post, so if you’re hell-bent on reading it, you might want to settle in with a cup of hot cocoa. On the plus side, there are some pretty pictures involved. Having said that, read on!

It’s two days until Christmas Day (which we do celebrate). Though I still have a lot of festive “stuff” to do, I’m not feeling as manic as I was yesterday.

That’s because I finally got our Christmas holiday cards out yesterday. And […]

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