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22 Sep 2009

Job Hunting? Give JobShouts a Holler

Estimated Reading Time: 8 minutes

I came across JobShouts the way I seem to come across many new things these days: on Twitter. I’m not looking for a job (hey, my boss is very good to me), but I know many people who are, and for them, it’s definitely worth investigating.

According to its website, JobShouts is “no longer just a job board in the traditional sense,” but “a job search engine integrated with social media, helping to create connections and deliver better matching results for both employers and job seekers.”

Basically, you […]

04 Sep 2009

The Accidental Oriental Shrimp Curry

Estimated Reading Time: 4 minutes

No matter what one’s communication style is, food is the one thing we all connect over (except maybe puppies and kittens, but then you start getting into exotic pet territory and before you know it you need a Bloody Mary).

At any rate, I’ve certainly found my love for cooking has broadened my network considerably, not to mention give me the courage to experiment in the kitchen much as I would in the PR arena.

So I’m adding a new category to my blog in celebration of all things food, […]

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