I don’t think you really know a person until you know what kind of random facts they know.

So I decided to find out.

The other day, I asked this on Facebook:

how many random facts do you know?

Boy, do my peeps know a lot of random facts!

sofman-sorohan random facts

Of course, when Sofman and Sorohan get going, there’s a real possibility they won’t stop. Which is why I like them so much.

haack random fact about koufax


john-paula random facts

I guess that makes me a fan of the Harvard comma. Haaahhvahd.


Me neither, Matt. Thanks a bunch for that blast of info.


Looks like Mark needs to… never mind.

michele-uvula paula-philtrum penn-scott-mike

See? And you thought all we were good for is PR.

There’s a ton more over on my Facebook Page, if you want to go have a look-see.

And what’s the most random fact YOU know, without asking Prof. Google?

Happy Friday!