online videoOnline video marketing stats abound!

Time and again, we see and hear countless online video marketing statistics like these:

  • Consumers spend 5.5 hours watching videos every day on average (eMarketer)
  • Video is the most popular content marketing format for 2015, ahead of case studies, blogs and infographics (2015 State of Digital Marketing, a report featuring insights from over 600 marketers from Web Marketing 123)
  • Around 57 percent of retail brands said they notice average order values increase when users watch just one video they’ve produced – and sales totals double when people have watched 10 or more videos (LiveClicker)

Statistics like these are pervasive and underscore an undeniable truth:

Videos continue to be part of the regular mix in marketing strategies.

According to Hotwire PR’s seventh annual Communications Trends Report, online video will continue to be a major trend in 2016. And, based on the 2015 statistics like the ones shared above, is it really any surprise that much of this video marketing activity wouldn’t spill over into the coming new year?

Recent headlines, in fact, also support the online video consumption craze with Facebook reporting 8 billion video views per day and Snapchat not far behind reporting 6 billion videos per day.

As the New Year draws closer, we can anticipate some of this year’s social video trends to carry over into 2016, including:

1. To autoplay or NOT to autoplay

According to The State of Video Report (authored by marketing design search engine Crayon in October 2015), brands are fairly divided on whether or not video should autoplay. Look for this video autoplay issue to continue in 2016 as brands attempt to determine how autoplay best impacts the user experience.

2. Native video to keep rising (and rising)

The Crayon report also indicates a high percentage of brands go directly to YouTube for video hosting needs. However, because native video (a) enables social networks to collect more detailed data on their users and (b) creates a more seamless experience between user and content, the progressive uptick in native video will surely have some impact on YouTube being the “default” video hosting service or platform.

3. Online video explosion to continue well beyond 2016

Video already makes up 78 percent of Internet data, and it is set to increase to 84 percent by 2018, according to Cisco Systems. By 2019, video is projected to account for 80 percent of all global consumer Internet traffic (Source:

“Next year” is only some 43-days away

So in the spirit of diving right in, here are some quick tips for any PR or marketing professional seeking to better incorporate or use video marketing in 2016:

1. The time for video was YESTERDAY!

Unless you’ve been half asleep while reading this post, video marketing is beyond hot and just keeps on getting hotter and hotter. So, you have zero time to waste. If you’re not already on the video marketing bandwagon, hopefully this post helped you to jump start your online video marketing strategies, just in time for January 1, 2016!

2.“Getting on board with online video” will not be enough in 2016

Hotwire PR indicates it won’t be enough for marketers to simply agree that video content “should be done.” Instead, the global PR and communications agency believes marketers must push their emphasis of video content further forward and understand:

  • the impact online video can make on strategy;
  • when video can be used; and
  • who to call upon to make video work.

3. “Show me the video marketing money, honey!”

Taking online video more seriously means you have to specifically budget for it so be sure to create a video marketing line item in that marketing 2016 strategic plan of yours. Account for costs related to audio, video-related equipment, editing, creative services, hosting and distribution — for starters. Identify a budget number you can realistically afford.

In summary: Video-anything is here to stay!

Video marketing, video advertising, live streaming via video, ephemeral video, video status updates and video-anything will be the way of content life in the new year. 2016 will also continue to see endless innovation and creativity in social video content and the artistry of communicating something in a less than 15, 6, or 1 second video will also heighten.

Last but hardly least, the diversity of where one can publish or share video (by way of Snapchat, Periscope, Vine, Vimeo, Facebook and more) will further challenge marketers in the coming months as they continue to seek the most optimal video content sharing strategies for their brand.

What is your video marketing vision for 2016? How will it differ from this year’s video marketing approach? Tell me all about your video marketing adventures in the comments below!

Image: Laura Lee Moreau via Unsplash, CC Zero