Featured in AlltopWell, whaddya know? After more than a year (much more, though I don’t remember exactly how long, that’s how long it’s been), I woke up at 4:50 am today to see this email (bolding mine):

Subject line: Alltop Submission Accepted

Thank you for submitting your blog or website for inclusion in Alltop. We’ve added the feed to the PR topic:


4:50 am is not usually when I tumble out of bed, bursting with energy. It’s when I get up – slowly – to ease my body into the day and before starting my workout (today’s Bootcamp day).

But this morning, I literally jumped out of bed. Had my husband and dogs not been sound asleep (except for Suzy Q., my Corgi mix, who I’m convinced sleeps with one eye open so that she can be at my side the minute I stir), I would have let out a gleeful war cry or started singing, “Na na na na… na na na na… hey hey hey.. Alltop!” (Completely not a celebratory song, but it’s what popped into my head.)

Are you laughing at me? It’s ok, I’m laughing at myself. But the thing is, ever since Alltop was created, I wanted WUL to have “confirmation that it kicks ass.”

I desperately wanted one of those badges. After all, all the cool kids had them! I’d even tell my guest bloggers that was one of my goals for WUL.

I know. A badge in and of itself doesn’t really mean anything. It’s the desire you imbue it with that gives it meaning. There aren’t a lot of badges I aspire to – I got over my Girl Scout days a long time ago (yes, I was a Girl Scout) – but this one, I did.

Call it silly. Call it irrational. Call it social media stardust in my eyes.

Call it what you will.

But now I have confirmation that we kick ass.

Waxing UnLyrical on Alltop

And I’m happy!

I have no idea why it took the Alltop team so long to review my submission (I’d periodically wonder if I should resubmit, but then pushed the thought to the back of my mind). I figured they’d looked at WUL, exchanged knowing winks and nudges among themselves and trashed my submission, but were too kind to email me a Dear John letter. I’d even stopped fretting over it. And then the email came.

Maybe that’s why the email came? The whole “when you stop worrying the universe puts things into place” thing?

I don’t know. But I do know that today, I am happy.

And while I’ll never know the reason why it took so long, I do know that all of you, my guest posters, readers, friends, acquaintances, friends I haven’t yet met (thank you, Matt LaCasse for that great term), make WUL what it is.

Which is why I selected a “confirmation that WE kick ass” badge as opposed to “confirmation that I kick ass” one.

Together, we really do.