Guest Post by Emma Hawes

The most annoying thing while multitasking across devices and programs is trying to remember which program you are running where. This can quickly become confusing.

Well, those days are over with Duet, a program that allows your iPad to function as a computer monitor.

What makes this cool? Duet allows for perfect harmony between all the programs you have to run.

Confusion abounded

The first time I had multiple screens in front of me was as a junior in college. I had three screens in front of me: my laptop, my iPad and a desktop. I wish I’d known about Duet then!

Back then, I worked on earning a communication degree with THREE concentrations. I would edit videos on the desktop, edit papers on the laptop, and go through the rundown on my iPad. I’d often get so confused, I’d touch my laptop screen expecting to open a program – that confusion would never have happened with Duet.

The multitasking app that will make you sing

I must give credit to Greg Rokisky for introducing me to Duet, which has changed the way I work. It is everything a multi-tasker needs.

At first, I was a bit hesitant to shell out $18; I like using apps that are free. But the more I thought about it, I knew it was worth it, considering the size and cost of a computer monitor. With my work as a freelancer, I move around a lot. So the $18 price tag is justifiable.

Plus, an iPad is more portable compared to a monitor, which cannot be stuffed into a backpack or brief case.

For example, as I pursue my graduate studies at Purdue University, I have seen that the best way to learn how to use IBM SPSS, an analytical software program, is to watch the instructional videos on my iPad while working in SPSS.

After I found Duet, it made this assignment and life easier. I no longer have to take the time to type the name of a video into the iPad. All I have to do with Duet is just drag over the window that I want to use. Check it out:

Although it feels surreal seeing your computer backdrop on your iPad the first time you use Duet, it is incredibly useful. It can be used with both Macs and PCs. The only downside, besides the price, is that you must use a USB cord to connect your computer to the iPad. I would love an update that would allow you to connect the computer to the iPad via Bluetooth. Check out a demo of Duet.

However, for now I’m just ecstatic that I can run all of my devices on one screen. In short, this app is perfect for anyone in the workforce or college who juggles multiple screens on a daily basis.


Image courtesy Emma Hawes, used with permission